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Mouthpieces for clarinet „Deutsch“ (German System)

The development of the clarinet mouthpieces for German system has the similar process as the boehm clarinet mouthpieces. In the meanwhile we made some changings on the mould, a small correction on the chamber which made the sound darker. We also developed different models with totally new tables.

The „W2C“ is a very good mouthpiece for concerts, which has an opening of 0,88 mm and a length of 20,0 mm, which can be recommended to chamber music. The tone is all in all close, enjoyable dark and is very suitable for beginners.

The model „W3C“ is well known because of its easy response and a full tone.

The „W2A“ with an opening of 0,90 mm and a length of 19,0 mm is an all-round mouthpiece with a wide dynamical amplitude. The tone is dark – typically German – and the response as well as the tuning and is easy going with all kind of reed. This mouthpiece is also very recommendable for beginners.

Our bestseller is the „W5A“ with an opening of 0,90 mm, length 20,0 mm. It is a typical professional mouthpiece. Character: a dark and full sound with remarkable colors of register – as Claus Raumberger, music journalist and author („Das Saxophon“) says. It has an easy response and doesn’t have problems with different reeds.

Very famous among jazz musicians is the „PS1“ with an opening of 1,00 mm and length of 21 mm.

We are specialized in computer assisted table developments according to the idea of the respective musician. The latest developments are mouthpieces for the German clarinet in co-operation with Kerstin Groetsch, Professor at the Robert-Schumann-Institut in Duesseldorf. They are named „KG“.
Those mouthpieces are available in two different openings: „KG“ has an opening of 1,01 mm, length 21,0 mm; and is well open. More open is the model „KG2“ with an opening of 1,09 mm and the same length as the „KG1“. As the breakover point on the table has been put very close to the beginning it has a very easy response. Also if you use light reeds there is no risk to close.
In face of the big opening the mouthpieces are very playable to all kind of reeds.
Capable are all German reeds which tip isn’t too thick but this is a matter of embouchure. In parts reeds for boehm system are also usable (some clarinet players prefer this combination). The tone which produces the „KG“-Models is round, big and shows a remarkable projection. Made of a special developed acrylic composite which has a high precision to work on it and which guarantees a constant durability in the measurement. Those models are available in two different variations, with and without metal ring. The metal ring effects a better responsiveness and has a good break resistance.

The mouthpiece SP4 fascinates with an easy response and gives beginners a better possibility to start. It becomes more and more a popular mouthpiece. The opening is 0,93 mm and the length is 23,5 mm.

Most of those mouthpieces are available with metal ring. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Clarinet boehm system
In teamwork with Claus Raumberger, music journalist and author of „Das Saxophon“, we have expanded our range of clarinet mouthpieces. New to the family are the tables RCR 3, RCR5 and RCR6.

produces a strong, dark tone with volume and depth, round head tones and powerful clarino register. Players should have a mature embouchure, as stronger reeds are recommended for use with this table.

creates a highly brilliant sound with first-class projection capabilities allowing for dynamic shading of the tone. Here, lighter reeds can be used as well.

features the longest table. The mouthpiece responds very easily providing a fluent tone with a rather German sound character. Among the three new models, this is the most „reed-friendly“ one.
All reeds based on the French design can be used, however, models with a stronger shaft are recommended for use with table „RCR.6“(e.g. Pflaumer „Sinus F, Foglietta „F“ Rico „Grand Concert thick blank“ and Vandoren „V12“).
Basically, our new tables are suitable for any musical style, with model „RCR.3“ being optimized for concert and chamber music, while model „RCR.5“will be appreciated by jazz musicians, in particular. Table „RCR.6“ is a genuine all-round model. Although primarily designed for Boehm clarinets, all three tables will produce excellent results on German clarinets, too.

Together with the clarinet player Johannes Sulik – a student of the legendary professor Klein (Cologne) we have designed a new series of mouthpieces for boehm clarinets.The mouthpieces from the „JP“-Series are based on famous traditional tables enhanced with the latest findings from acoustics research. Four models are available:
The JP5 model futures a small opening a long face and a quick response and is thus suited for both students and professionals. The JP5 is based on a traditional French face mainly used in America and Switzerland. The JP7 is the all purpose model with a semi-open face, which can be used with lighter reeds and is suited equally for symphonic and jazz musicians. Finally the model JP8 is more of a classic mouthpiece which can still be used for all kinds of style if fitted with appropriate reed models.

Lajos Dudas, an exceptional musician born in Budapest, Hungary, who is now living in Germany, is one of the numerous clarinetists of our times. His passion is especially the contemporary music.
For each clarinetist and also for Lajos Dudas the mouthpiece is the most important part of the instrument.
Together with Dudas we have developed a table suitable to his imagination. The model „LD1“ is made from our Heaven Material with metal ring. Lajos Dudas prefers middle open tables who were suitable with all conventional reeds and who have an easy response. This mouthpiece has a centered sound which has a very good modulation and has the needed projection to be played without amplifier.

Clarinet mouthpiece with metal ring
Like our saxophone mouthpieces our clarinet mouthpieces too are now fitted with the metal ring. Thus, also our clarinet mouthpieces feature improved stability and produce a clearer sound with enhanced projection and more precise separation as numerous tests have shown. This also makes for optimize staccato playing in addition to easier response. Most of those mouthpieces are available with metal ring. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Mouthpieces for the American market
Specially designed for the American market are the MB and SW boehm clarinet mouthpieces which bring out that dark velvety tone, cultivated in the States. Model MB originates with the intention of minimizing embouchure problems and is available on four different table calibers. Even when using lighter reeds, intonations and timbre still remain on a high level.

SW mouthpieces are employed to their best advantage in symphonic wind bands or symphonic orchestras. The concept of table design helps bring out that voluminous tone while facilitating excellent dynamic control. Two table versions are available designed to satisfy the needs of professional and amateur musicians alike.

With Fridolin Greis from the Staatstheater Mainz we have developed the „E4D“ a brilliant mouthpiece with a small opening. It can be used for chamber music as well as soloist and for symphonic music. The E4D has an opening of 1,10 mm and a length of 18,5 mm and is an ideal professional mouthpiece. We recommend the following reeds: 2, 2 ½, 3.

Perfect for Jazz clarinetists is he „J5B“ with an opening of 1,30 mm and a length of 17,5 mm.

Together with the American Musician Roger W. McKinney we have developed the „MCK1“ with an opening of 1,03 mm and a length of 18 mm. It is especially for the American market and suitable for those who prefer the American sound.

Clarinet boehm bass
Our mouthpieces for Bass Clarinet are characterized by perfect intonation, good projection as of response for music to the highest perfection. We design our bass clarinet mouthpieces (Boehm system) to suit all kinds of styles and to feature perfect intonation, ease of response and good projection. Narrow tables such as B1 and B3 are particularly suitable for classical playing techniques and chamber music.

Model EPE JM is a pro-level mouthpiece for soloists, with a great tone volume, while the other table sizes can be used as "all-round" mouthpieces.

With their full and dark sound, all of our mouthpieces integrate seamlessly in every woodwind section. They are "reed-friendly" and can be used with almost all tenor saxophone reeds.