Welcome to Ernst Schreiber

The founder of the company Ernst Schreiber went with his Family to Tyrol, Austria in 1977 where he started to produce clarinets, oboes and piccolo flutes together with his assistants. Since 1981 the company was specialized on mouthpieces for clarinet. They were stamped with the brand Ernst Schreiber Tyrol “EST” and they are still used by many musicians.

As it wasn’t possible to expand the company in Austria the whole company moved to Michelstadt, Germany in 1988. Since then mouthpieces are produced with love and engagement. These mouthpieces are supplied not only to Europe but also to America and Asia.

Ernst Schreiber had the chance to experience that his company was continued in his way after the transfer to his daughter, Cornelia (Managing Director) and his son in law, Paul Kinzelmann (Technical Director) in 1996. The reputation of these products is still growing and they are very famous. The export is expanded worldwide. In the year 2000 Ernst Schreiber died after a long journey of cancer disease regretfully too early.

The specialization in mouthpieces for professionals as well as special student categories makes it necessary to expand the production to 4 computer-driven table facing machines and several fully automated CNC lathes. The important priorities are further developments and new product developments.


Cornelia Kinzelmann / President
• Commercial administration
• Customer service
• Manufacturing

Paul Kinzelmann / Technical Director
• Technical administration
• Customer service (technical)
• Manufacturing

Assistant of the President
• Customer service
• Manufacturing

The entire ESM-Team attaches importance to a personal contact to the customers. And it is our wish to satisfy our customers which is obtained by offering capable and friendly expert advice and additionally, we like to spend some time with our customers, especially in this fast moving time. This is possible because we are a little family business, which respects the wishes and requests of their musicians. The production of the mouthpieces is made with a lot of love and care because the good quality of our mouthpieces ranks first.